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KBCSKnowledge Based Computer Systems
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class="MsoNormalMr Ngeywa requested KBCs management to provide documents regarding employee contributions to eight saccos namely Ardhi, Sauti, Mtangazaji, Harambee, Shirika, Ukulima, Magereza and Hazina.
class="MsoNormalInsiders privy to KBCs books of accounts paint a gloomy picture.
KBBS is headed by former KBCS CEO Jaye Jingree, and Dr Kevin Yasheel Jingree has recently been appointed as the firm's Managing Director.
Many types of project-based and inquiry learning experiences work very well in the Knowledge Building Center (KBC) environment because the actual learning organization is available anywhere, at any time, and on various devices, as shown in the illustration below.
Some of the people working in the KBCS projects found their way into the software industry and wee instrumental in seeding in-house projects.
By building KBCs, teacher-librarians can do that--build places of knowledge.
Together we created a Knowledge Building Center (KBC) template to use with our students and posted to it Dr.