KCMHKern County Mental Health (Bakersfield, CA)
KCMHKeep Christ Most High (radio station; Arkansas)
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KCMH recognized the potential and need for the renewable energy.
KCMH is no different taking advantage of this, creating additional unique facets to its incubation model.
My decision to join KCMH was largely due to the background of CEO Donald Klein and his vision to take KCMIS public.
KCMH has secured a percentage ownership in GEENIUS, revenue sharing for guidance through their pending IPO.
KCMH is already using GEENIUS for other ventures including subsidiary KCM Insurance Services.
A definitive agreement with KCMH is being prepared.
We would like thank all our investors and partners for helping us end strong in 2009," says KCMH CEO Donald Klein, whose year-end corporate update provided key updates on KCMH status, projections, incubation strategies and investor updates.
html) summarizes positive key points such as remaining debt-free and profitable; recognition and visibility of KCMH in the financial marketplace; incubation of its next publicly traded companies patented software company GEENIUS and vertical entertainment company Empire Recordings; expansions of insurance subsidiary; continued committed development of value for shareholders.
KCMH has negotiated ownership and consulting agreements with GEENIUS that will immediately increase shareholder value and equity upon approval.
KCMH has secured licensing, revenue share and ownership arrangements.
KCMH Announces New Partnerships to Enhance Ventures and Technologies
KCMH announces new incubation venture in wake of status upgrade on Pink OTC