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KDKevin Durant (basketball player)
KDKingdom (Star Kingdoms game)
KDKuwaiti Dinar (unit of currency)
KDkd lang (musician)
KDKnocked Down
KDKinase Domain (biology)
KDKappa Delta
KDKawasaki Disease
KDKentucky Derby
KDKings Domnion (amusement park; Virginia)
KDKraft Dinner
KDKristillisdemokraatit (Finnish: Christian Democrats)
KDKomodo Dragon
KDKiln Dried
KDKing Diamond (band)
KDKeep Dreaming (gaming)
KDKristendemokraterne (Danish political party)
KDKnown Distance
KDKhaki Drill (uniform)
KDKnowledge Discovery
KDKill Death Ratio (gaming)
KDKomatsu Diesel (Japan)
KDKitchen Duty
KDKnee-Disarticulation (amputation)
KDCost of Debt
KDKatamari Damacy (video game)
KDData Key (FIPS)
KDKennedy Disease
KDKeep Driving (mechanical fault finding for intermittent faults)
KDKeyed Differently (locksmithing)
KDKristdemokratiska Partiet (Swedish political party)
KDKnown Delinquent
KDKings Destroy (grafitti crew)
KDKey and Developmental
KDKael Drakkal (Everquest, gaming)
KDKerrville Division (Kerrville Veterans Hospital, Kerrville, TX)
KDKnown Depredator
KDKwikDeath (CounterStrike gaming clan)
KDDissociate Constant (receptor affinity in pharmacology, chemistry)
KDKept Daughter (adoption)
KDPilotless Aircraft for Use as Target Aircraft (US Navy)
KDKorgorian Delphic
KDKmecka Družba (Slovenia)
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Bottas was fully deserving of his second F1 win, putting in a near-perfect There's can do, I keep driving have been things qualifying lap on Saturday and then pulling off a miraculously-quick start to maintain his lead in the race.
One fellow motorist, Henry Myers of North Salem, said he saw Kennedy swerve her car into the tractor-trailer on Interstate 684 and keep driving despite damaging her tire.
China absorbs most of exports of Taiwan-made artificial joints, to likely to keep driving demand.
Also when she does arrive, no spaces are allocated so it is a case of keep driving round until she can find one.
Thank you for your observation on some drivers who ignore the no-entry sign and keep driving in the wrong direction.
what drives my father to keep driving through me night after night
The article goes on to say that victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously until they get to the hospital To me, it seems stupid and hazardous for a person to keep driving when having a heart attack.
The decision to allow cancer outreach nurse Rachael Bannister-Young to keep driving despite two speeding infringements in one day (meaning enough points to be automatically disqualified) suggests a willingness to realise what not having her drive to her next appointment really means.
The Peebles offered him a lift to a nearby convenience store, but, as they approached the store, Eizember pulled his handgun and ordered them to keep driving.
Mark Ferelli: I'm going keep driving on cost-related issues for a moment.
At the next rest stop, we all got out of the van and faked like we wanted to eat, and then fake-changed our minds and said "Let's keep driving.
They fired on the second car as it drove by, wounding the driver, who managed to keep driving for a while until he stopped and died.