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Police found this cannabis farm in Prestwich after a tip-off and, left, the 'keep off the grass' sign
For example, whereas park signs in the West command people to "Keep Off the Grass," Chinglish versions are more poetic: "The Little Grass Is Sleeping.
HIS LAST book, Keep Off the Grass , sold over 40,000 copies and HarperCollins have shown such conviction in Karan Bajaj that they launched his second book, Johnny Gone Down , with a print run of 50,000 copies on Tuesday at Agni, The Park.
'Keep off the grass' reads the first sign, placed discreetly but firmly on the lush, green verge that leads to the inner sanctum.
Also, the amount of rubbish thrown around the park, I didn't notice many signs asking to put rubbish in the bins provided, or notices to say keep off the grass.
Notre Dame staff no longer post signs instructing residents and visitors to keep off the grass.
Your article "Keep Off The Grass" (Features, May/June 2005) omitted a very, obvious alternative to conventional, chemical-heavy lawn care, which is to simply let your lawn grow as it wishes and just keep it mowed.
Universities used to be forbidding places, with large and pompous buildings headed by inscriptions in Latin, and campuses dotted with warnings to keep off the grass. The passer-by was supposed to know that scholarship required a respectful silence, and if a certain intellectual snobbery was implied, so be it.
Another researcher, Kate Mattingly Moran, who investigated the 1940 Broadway production Keep off the Grass (in which Jose Limon performed), agrees that Balanchine's later work reflects the showman-like style he found in musical theater.
Stalin is said to have observed that the Germans will never make a successful revolution because they always pay attention to such signs as "Keep off the grass." Brussig probably had something like this in mind.
Gabriel Nahas, author of Marijuana: Deceptive Weed and Keep off the Grass, led a group of researchers who testified that marijuana may cause lung damage, birth defects, genetic abnormalities, shrinkage of the brain, impairment of the immune system, reduction in testosterone levels, and sterility.
Some, with a complete disregard of the printed notices warning them to keep off the grass, sat on the lawn to listen to the music.