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It's best to keep your hands to yourself when entering that Bradley's troop compartment.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your hands to yourself in public.
"From now on, if you want to talk to Brad, you'll have to keep your hands to yourself. Or risk getting sued," the source added.
There is the new mandatory 12-month waiting period from engagement to marriage (during which you will keep your hands to yourself!) and all the forms and meetings and certificates and classes and dispensations requested (and denied), And hanging over it all, like some ecclesiastical sword of Damocles, is the marital basal thermometer.
I think I've got it: keep your hands to yourself in any kind of sexually suggestive manner, and when you are treating any member of the opposite sex (yin/yang) always have a staff member present to remove any doubt of inappropriateness or malintent.
Simply tell us which of these songs was a huge hit for Bon Jovi: (a)KeepThe Faith, (b)Keep On Running or (c) Keep Your Hands To Yourself.
If you do not want to be called a lech, keep your hands to yourself unless invited.
KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF: Angry Scotland keeper Neil Sullivan has a disagreement with Croatian striker Mario Stanic; SPOT OF BOTHER: Don Hutchison takes a heavy tumble - but Scotland didn't get the penalty they claimed
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