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'Keep your mouth shut, Miss Smith; they're as yellow as carrots!' across a table, mind you.
'Keep your mouth shut!--I want to know, you sir, whether you charge that there crime on George Radfoot?'
"After the pilot was gone I says tull the mate: 'Uf you dunna know onythun', old mon, for Heaven's sake keep your mouth shut.'
Worse, if you keep your mouth shut now, then resentment will fester inside you, and in the future, you might make matters worse by inflating past incidents and adding them on to current mistakes.
Mother always suggested, "If you have nothing good to say about something it's best to keep your mouth shut." But then, I was always a problem child, too much like the little boy who encountered the emperor and shouted out, "you're naked--you ain't got no clothes!"
"Keep your mouth shut and look over at the coach on every break (referee's whistle)."
Other chapter headings point to lessons both sensible and obvious: "Pick Your Fights Wisely," "Stay on Offense," and "Learn to Keep Your Mouth Shut." Apparently he remembers the title of a 1996 book by David Maraniss and Michael Weisskopf: Tell Newt to Shut Up!
If you keep your mouth shut, nobody will call you names.
"But if you don't plan to follow through," says Walt Fauerso, "you better keep your mouth shut. I talked about it to the wrong person, and he said, 'Why don't you get off your butt?' That very day I wrote out a proposal to Chevron."