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It was Cromwell who advised his troops to "trust God and keep your powder dry".
Homes around Ulster will echo to 'They haven't gone away you know', 'Keep your powder dry', 'Brits out' and 'No surrender' some Yuletide soon.
Breakout Sessions will be offered along four Battlefield Tracks: Intelligence (Information Warehouse); Small Battles Win Wars (Leverage); Keep Your Powder Dry (Infrastructure); and Business Leads the Charge.
Professor Alex Magno, one of the leaders of this popular uprising was quoted as saying, `In revolutions people used to say "keep your powder dry", now they say "keep your cell-phone charged".'
I do not normally agree with those who say you should keep your powder dry at the beginning of the Flat season but the saying rang true that day Thought for the week Gazing out over Kempton with the old Jubilee course in view, I could not help wondering why there is no turf Flat racing there any more