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KYHDKeep Your Head Down (song)
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Keep your head down." But Silver, from the other boat, looked sharply over and called out to know if that were me; and from that moment I began to regret what I had done.
It shows what's possible if you keep your head down and work hard.
Why keep your head down for the sake of a quiet life?
The easy thing is to keep your head down and let the bullies run amok.
So keep your head down, work harder than anyone else in the room, and never act as if you're above what you're being asked to do.
She then gave me some of the worst advice I have ever received from a nonprofessional: "Here's how you get there, but while you're walking, keep your head down and walk as fast as you can!"
You have to keep your head down, work hard in training and whenever a chance in the team does come your way make sure that you take it.
Chances are, you keep your head down, grin, and bear it.
If you want to enjoy Theo's success for the long term without turning your family's life into a circus, keep your head down and don't put your undies on show over your waistband!
The other primary cue is sealing the net: keep your head down, eyes up, and slide your hands over the net and onto the other side.
Often they are right but trying to keep your head down for a long time can lead to many other problems.
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