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One of the greatest strengths, therefore, of Keepers of the Faith is the attention Lecker pays to the aporias evident in anthologies that almost invariably claim to "represent" an already existing tradition.
Her first chapter argues that women's public work within synagogues as well as their efforts to change schedules for holy days and retain Hebrew names and Jewish marital contracts represented a concerted effort to fulfill their roles as keepers of the faith. The next chapters follow the ways in which, through education and writing, Jewish women created a space for Judaism to thrive and resist proselytization in a culture that regularly used Jews as paragons of immorality in literature and educational textbooks.
LIKE keepers of the faith, they spring to the defence of the party whenever there is a crisis.
Dr Coppertino can also be contacted at mothernature7@gmail.com for more information regarding women's programs of faith held nationwide or to participate as a speaker/servant in the upcoming Keepers of the Faith, Defenders of the Faith Awards Gala, March 2013, Beverly Hills, California.
Saturday Nights in Harrisburg - An evening of gospel music featuring Keepers of the Faith Quartet from Tacoma and Tim Walter from Harrisburg will be held at 7 p.m.
Keepers of the faith are unlikely to risk doing something (such as using nuclear weapons) that might make people so appalled and angry that they either destroy the country with bombs (conventional or nuclear) or invade, take over and ban the sacred religion.
The video--filmed by one of those "trackers" that Republicans so eagerly try to keep out of their own events--was predictably blown out of proportion as a pro-spending screed by the keepers of the faith at the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition.
BALL CONTROL: Peter Crouch, John Arne Riise, Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard in training (above)' IN TURNS: The Reds squad limber upahead of to night's game (right)' FOCUSED: Robbie Fowler and Jermaine Pennant' KEEPERS OF THE FAITH: Jerzy Dudek and Pepe Reina in training
'The women in any nation are the keepers of the faith,' she said.
THE keepers of the faith are maintaining a long tradition in the green shirt of Ireland - well they usually wear a black shirt these days but never mind!
Black women were the keepers of the faith, she said.