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Two areas are particularly Troubling for keepers of the Peace: The volatile DVD issue remains high on the agenda for both guilds, even though studios have made it clear they have no intention of giving any more than the minimum mandated by the 20-year-old formula; and the guilds could start to get along better with each other--Verrone even suggests that joint bargaining should be explored.
Friday, walkers will join keepers of the peace vigil for a rally at the federal building, East Seventh Avenue and Pearl Street.
The complex history of the keepers of the peace and their transformation into justices of the peace has been elucidated by a number of scholars and only its most significant features, in terms of the formation of the gentry, need be discussed here.(51) The implications, however, are immense and they require particular attention.
The roots of the former go back to the very beginning of the thirteenth century, but the term keepers of the peace was first generally applied to the rival sets of captains appointed both by the king and the baronial partisans during the years 1263-7.
As a result the "petty injuries which for decades had been settled in the seignorial or old popular courts were being brought as `breaches of the peace', before any officer of the king who seemed likely to offer effective remedy".(58) These justices could be the itinerant justices from Westminster, special commissioners or, at least as regards receiving indictments, the keepers of the peace. It was far better, from the local landlord's point of view, that he, rather than commissioners of oyer and terminer or the notoriously rapacious justices of trailbaston, should handle the operation of royal courts.
A five-column headline - 'Brave keepers of the peace, or antagonists?' - in last Monday's Washington Post has raised curiosity over whether there are signs that the American media is now willing to consider new approaches to covering the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Our once ubiquitous keepers of the peace have vanished from our streets.