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KENGOKenya Energy and Environment Organization (Kenya)
KENGOKenya Network of Grassroots Organisations
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Rica (Tomoyo Harada), the film's gentle, compliant protagonist, is very much in love with Kengo (Atsuro Watanabe), with whom she's been living for four years.
The European Commission has also been making positive noises about the Transitional Zairean Government with Mr Kengo wa Dondo as Prime Minister.
Since early May, opposition papers in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi have continued to accuse the Kengo Government of selling national assets down the river.
For Mr Derycke, the Belgian Secretary of Cooperation, the full control of the army and the Bank of Zaire by Mr Kengo would help enormously.
Japanese architect Kengo Kuma beat worldwide competition to win the honour of designing the city's pounds 47mi l l ion Victor ia & Alber t Museum.
Kengo Nishiyama, a strategist at the research center, said that companies should better explain to shareholders links between the strategy and corporate value.
Kengo Suzuki, a currency strategist at Shinko Securities in Tokyo, told the Reuters news agency that the "slew of recent policy actions worldwide has provided some relief to the banking sectors in the major economies".
The Lotus House was designed by Kengo Kuma, who was given a completely open brief.
Kengo Murata at Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, has been accepted for a presentation at the European Respiratory Society's Annual Congress on October 6th2008, in Berlin, Germany.
President: Kengo Sakurada; hereinafter, “Sompo Japan”) hosted theater shows with the NPO Aichi Puppetry Center in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture.
Subs Not Used: Narazaki, Uchida, Yano, Iwamasa, Kengo Nakamura Konno, Morimoto, Inamoto, Kawaguchi.
Kengo Nishiyama, an economist at Nomura Securities Co.