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KENKenmore (New York)
KenKentish (linguistics)
KENKnowledge Exchange Network (National Mental Health Services)
KENKompetenz-Center für Emissionfrei Nutzfahrzeuge (German, Daimler research center)
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If I were her I'm certain I should not die: I should get better at the bare sight of it, in spite of Kenneth.
When Kenneth warned him that his medicines were useless at that stage of the malady, and he needn't put him to further expense by attending her, he retorted,
That's just what Ursula Townley said when her father locked her in her room the night she was going to run away with Kenneth MacNair," said the Story Girl.
He said he wrote a little of everything in it; and then I begged him to read me something out of it, and he read me the story of Ursula and Kenneth.
Well," she resumed, "it was all over--they buried little Kenneth in that graveyard over the harbor, and after a while Leslie went back to her school and her studies.
Well, they buried Frank West beside Kenneth, and Rose put up a great big monument to him.
And that's why I'd like to extend my gratitude to The Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation for its generosity to the children of Children's Memorial Hospital, to their families and to our City as a whole," said Chicago Mayor Richard M.
The Mankind fragrance and concept is designed for the guy who knows what he wants and expresses it daily through his actions, style and overall essence," said Kenneth Cole, Chairman and CEO of Kenneth Cole Productions.
Kenneth has a master's degree in geology from UCLA and a secondary teaching credential.
WHAT: A WEAR NESS, The Kenneth Cole Foundation, and the Sundance Institute have partnered to create a vignette titled "JUST SUNDANCE" to celebrate the hard work of the volunteers of the 2014 Festival.
Kenneth Marshall, who was being held in lieu of $1 million bail, faces up to 50 years to life in prison if convicted: 25 years to life for the murder charge, and another 25 years to life for using a firearm that killed someone, officials said.
Kenneth Cole Productions has been successfully selling its products on the web for years and they now want to take advantage of the latest in e-commerce technology and operational expertise to enhance the customer experience and improve its conversation rates.