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KENKenmore (New York)
KENKentish (linguistics)
KENKnowledge Exchange Network (National Mental Health Services)
KENKompetenz-Center für Emissionfrei Nutzfahrzeuge (German, Daimler research center)
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The Kentish community, particularly those in Sheffield and Railton, have been forced to live without a regular general access bus service connecting them with Latrobe and Devonport, and I am very pleased to secure this great outcome for the community.
Monmore's couple of RPGTV-covered opens are previewed in the Flying Four, with the selections Kentish Dancer Along Came being (7.
Howard Marks at the concert at The Forum, Kentish Town, London, on Friday
Meat features heavily - think Swinton Park grouse, roasted venison and, best of all, herb-crusted Kentish lamb.
British financial services provider Santander on Wednesday announced that employees from its London and Milton Keynes Head Offices recently spent the day helping out at Kentish Town City Farm as part of the bank's Community Day scheme.
West-Saxon is the only variety of Old English which uses the <ie> forms for verbs such as hliehhan 'to laugh', cierran 'to turn', hieran, geliefan 'to believe' and giefan 'to give'; while the <e> or <ae> forms of these words are preferred in Northumbrian, Kentish and Mercian: hlehhan/hlaehhan, cerran, haeran, gelaefan and gefan.
Kentish said that they have found that the nerves in the gut are at their least sensitive at time periods associated with being awake, thus more food can be consumed before one feels full.
Detective Constable Adele Cashman, 30, a response team officer based at Kentish Town police station, collapsed in Belsize Park Gardens, Camden, at 9.
It's different for everybody to work with Woody, compared to working with anyone else, but Woody always keeps it the same wherever he shoots," says his British producer Nicky Kentish Barnes.
They like the fact our potatoes are grown in the county and the introduction of Kentish flavours.
10 it signed a management agreement with Conch Bay Development Ltd, owned by the Kentish and Lake families, to operate a resort hotel and luxury resort residences on Anguilla.
The incident was said to have happened on September 21 as Tittensor and girlfriend Kaya Scodelario - who plays Effy Stonem in the E4 series Skins - visited a McDonald's in Kentish Town, London.