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K14Keratin 14 (dermatology)
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The first study, conducted in China, identified start-codon mutations in the KLHL24 gene in five patients, confirmed keratin 14 as the substrate of the protein, and established that KLHL24 mutations induce disproportionate ubiquitination and fragmentation of keratin 14.
Three severe cases of EBS Dowling- Meara caused by missense and frameshift mutations in the keratin 14 gene.
Thorgeirsson, "Keratin 14 protein in cultured nonparenchymal rat hepatic epithelial cells: characterization of keratin 14 and keratin 19 as antigens for the commonly used mouse monoclonal antibody OV-6," Molecular Carcinogenesis, vol.
Microscopic analysis of these mice revealed a layer of flattened cells expressing keratin 14 at low levels with no evidence of stratification or differentiation marker expression, suggestive of a failure to commit to a stratified epidermis.
This may have an effect on boosting the expression of keratin 14 and 17, which has been shown to support hair strength and reinforce the hair structure, according to the company.