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Explanations: n, number of individuals; SD, standard deviation; [MCP.sub.95], 95 % minimum convex polygon; [KDE.sub.95], 95 % Kernel density estimation; [KDE.sub.80], 80 % Kernel density estimation; [KDE.sub.50], 50 % Kernel density estimation.
Kernel density estimation and K-means clustering to profile road accident hotspots.
Li, "A network kernel density estimation for linear features in space-time analysis of big trace data," International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol.
Recent findings on the estimation of an optimal bandwidth for KDE (Kernel Density Estimation) are numerous ([25-27]) but the estimation of an optimal smoothing parameter remains irksome due to computation issue and time consuming routines.
Cross-validation bandwidth matrices for multivariate kernel density estimation. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 32(3):485-506.
The proposed framework for sinkhole hazard estimation has been developed based on kernel density estimation, fuzzy sets theory and AHP.
Keywords: Traffic Density, Kernel Density Estimation, Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, Nonlinear Least Square, Scalar Kalman Filter.
Margaritis, "Accelerating kernel density estimation on the GPU using the CUDA framework," Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol.
The fault detection rate of using kernel density estimation to calculate the threshold is slightly higher than the chi-squared distribution.
(2) Kernel Density Estimation. Kernel density estimation (KDE) can be used to estimate mutual information [25].