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KMGKrav Maga Global (self defense)
KMGKarl May Gesellschaft (German: Karl May Society)
KMGKoordinatenmessgerät (German: Coordinate Measuring Machine)
KMGKoi Mil Gaya (Hindi movie)
KMGKari Media Group (Finland)
KMGKnowledge Management Group (various organizations)
KMGKatz Media Group (media representation; New York, NY)
KMGKunming, China - Kunming (Airport Code)
KMGKent Messenger Group (UK)
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Where: Navassa Community Center 338 Main Street, Navassa, NC Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation and other companies used the 251-acre Site for creosote-based wood treating from 1936 to 1974.
5 acres of river bottom where sediment from the Kerr-McGee property has accumulated.
11 August 2014 - Hong Kong-based oil trader Brightoil Petroleum Holdings Limited (HKG:0933) has announced the acquisition of Kerr-McGee China Petroleum Limited for USD1.
Kerr-McGee, Dominion Exploration & Production and Statoil are parties to a joint operating agreement covering drilling of a deepwater exploration well in Atwater Valley block 140 on the Claymore prospect.
Between 1999 and 2001, Kerr-McGee (the industrial giant whose corporate negligence was the subject of the 1977 film Silkwood) was named in 22 lawsuits alleging that air emissions, waste disposal practices and accidental spills were to blame for the communities' health problems.
On May 20, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted a stay in the case against Kerr-McGee for the two sides to resolve the conflict out of court.
Mr Portillo declares in the parliamentary Register of Members' Interests that he earns between pounds 5,001 and pounds 10,000 annually as an adviser to Kerr-McGee 'as part of a wider arrangement'.
More interesting is Kerr-McGee, whose stock could reach $100 from less than $56.
Designed to handle multiple protocols, support a digital migration strategy and promote efficient bandwidth utilization, the Kerr-McGee data network links an IBM mainframe host at our headquarters in Oklahoma City, and several DEC minicomputers, with approximately 2,500 terminals and PCs throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
More than $985 million is expected to be paid to the EPA to fund the cleanup of approximately 50 abandoned uranium mines in and around the Navajo Nation, where radioactive waste remains from cold-war era Kerr-McGee mining operations.
Money from a historic settlement reached with Anadarko and Kerr-McGee has now been disbursed for cleanups across the country, including $438 million that will go toward paying for past and future cleanup work at two New Jersey Superfund sites.