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KAKick Ass
KAKamov (Russian aircraft designer)
KAKappa Alpha
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KAKeine Ahnung (German: No Idea)
KAKahr Arms (Orangetown, NY)
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KAKeep Alive
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KAKool Aid
KADragonair (Hong Kong airline company)
KAKeyed Alike (locksmithing)
KAKnee Airbag (automobiles)
KAKenya Airways
KAKarlsruhe, Germany (automobilie license plate)
KAKainic Acid
KAKeine Angabe (German)
KAKiller App
KAKenmore Air
KAKey Area
KAKey Activities
KAAcid Dissociation Constant
KAKing's Army (historic reenactment group)
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KAKnowledge Architecture
KAKids to Adults (former ESRB game rating)
KAKristina Abernathy (Weather Channel personality)
KAKissinger Associates
KAKnown Associate (law enforcement)
KAKnife Arena (gaming)
KAKill Assessment
KAKelvinside Academy (Glasgow, Scotland private school)
KAKatholieke Actie (Dutch)
KAKaiserslautern American
KAKalos Agon (martial arts)
KAKepler Associates (UK)
KAAcid Constant
KAKetamine and Atropine
KAKnight Ascension (Knight Online game expansion)
KAKirov Airship
KAKarma Aquatics (Virginia Beach, VA)
KAKaiser Engineering Inc
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4]+ excretion by the urine AG is unreliable when the urine contains significant amounts of bicarbonate or unusual anions, such as ketoacids or drugs, including penicillin or salicylate.
Disorders of branched chain amino acid and ketoacid metabolism.
Branched-chain ketoacids reduce muscle protein degradation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
1, Lactate > 5 mmol/l, Loss of consciousness and the presence of glucose and ketoacids in urine, Dialysis for acute renal failure, Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) were not found.
So there is accumulation of both amino acids and their corresponding alpha ketoacids in plasma and urine.
Furthermore, prolonged vomiting causes dehydration, which in turn decreases renal perfusion and limits urinary excretion of ketoacids.
This ammonia is derived from the catabolism of amino acids and other degradation products such as amines, ketoacids and fatty acids, via three biochemical processes: deamination, decarboxylation, and oxidation and reduction reactions (Neumann et al.
Low-protein diet supplemented with ketoacids reduces the severity of renal disease in 5/6 nephrectomized rats: a role for KLF15," Kidney International, vol.
Kawamura, 2010: Size distributions of dicarboxylic acids, ketoacids, a-dicarbonyls, sugars, WSOC, OC, EC and inorganic ions in atmospheric particles over northern Japan: Implication for long-range transport of Siberian biomass burning and East Asian polluted aerosols.
Though the ketoacids are excreted but are rapidly reabsorbed and cause high anion gap10.