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KFVKuratorium Fuer Verkehrssicherheit (German: Austrian Road Safety Board; Austria)
KFVKarl Fliether Velbert (Germany)
KFVKärntner Fußballverband (German: Austrian soccer group)
KFVKey Financial Variables (business)
KFVKarelian Fever Virus
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Ferrara and Marcelli (2014) examine the predictive power of key financial variables to anticipate GDP growth in Euro area countries during the 2008-2009 Great Recession.
Analytically, he seeks to summarize the common patterns of severe economic crisis and common explanations in the literature, and to present new ideas concerning the way key financial variables are driven by more subjective psychological and social constructs than is commonly understood, as well as the value of evolutionary and complex systems approaches to economic analysis.
* What are the firm's key financial variables, and how do they influence risk management strategies and practices?