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KfKeshe Foundation (Belgium)
KfKilling Floor (gaming)
KfKarl Fischer (laboratory titrator)
KfKung Fu
KfKalman Filter
KfKooperativa Förbundet (Swedish coop grocery chain)
KfKing's Field (game)
KfKlamath Falls (Oregon)
KfKraft Foods, Inc.
KfKey Finding
KfKhagendra Foundation
KfKnight Foundation
KfKing Fahd (Saudi Arabia)
KfKettle Falls (Washington)
KfKill File
KfKick Flip (skateboard move)
KfKid Flash (DC Comics)
KfKit Fisto (Star Wars character)
KfKlubi Futbollistik (Albania)
KfKingdom Faith (UK)
KfKnock First
KfKilo Foot (1000 feet)
KfKoinonia Farm
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The third key finding is that even the highly professional 'preservationist alliance' felt disempowered by the procedures and the use of the same technical discourse by planners and developers.
This is the key finding from a study involving teachers by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL).
This is the key finding following research by used car retailer Network Q into the ownership habits of motorists.
Another key finding of interest to independent software vendors and customers is predicted revenue growth for packaged applications and infrastructure software running on Linux, a market opportunity IDC forecasts will exceed $14 billion in the next four years, growing at a 2003-2008 compound annual rate of more than 44 percent.
The key finding came from urine samples collected in week 12.
But one key finding of the report also reveals parents do not believe the Government listens to their needs.
A key finding from the work, said Jayne, is that "pay-for-performance has been embraced by 100 percent of our sample group as the guiding philosophy for executive compensation."
This is a key finding of a survey conducted by ACL Services Ltd.
Key finding: The CyPass Micro-Stent implantation at the time of cataract surgery decreased unmedicated and medicated IOP from baseline and sustained the lower IOP pressure through 36 months.
President of Converged Technology & Media, John Schiela, said : "While we have been using MarketSight for several years internally and externally with a few large clients, we are very excited about incorporating the new interactive dashboarding and key finding capabilities into our Phoenix Sigma Suite of Client Solutions.
Watson Wyatt Worldwide recently released "New Rules for Managing Health Care Costs." A key finding from this report, which was drafted earlier this year, is that companies are supplementing traditional approaches to health care with leading-edge tactics.