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We show how to configure cloud-based file transmission service that uses IBE and is free from the key escrow problem.
We propose a new approach to solving key escrow problem for Point-to-Multipoint Identity-based Broadcast Encryption (P2MIBBE), what we call Augmented Broadcaster Identity-based Broadcast Encryption (AB-IBBE).
Due to the fact that the KGC does not know the full private key of each user (though it knows the partial private key), our protocol is free from the key escrow problem.
Arguably, the promotion of mandatory key escrow was the most significant aspect of the Clipper Chip proposals.
By allowing export of strong encryption products, if a company is committed to developing key escrow systems, the Clinton Administration hopes to enlist market forces; to export into the enormous international market, a software or hardware developer must create key escrow systems that will likely be incorporated into domestic products as well.
247) The proposed legislation will allow domestic use of encryption without a mandatory key escrow provision and will allow export of encryption methods that do not exceed fifty-six bits.
Key escrow is a system under which anyone using encryption software to lock up their personal communications, would have to leave a copy of the unlocking code with a so-called "trusted third party".
We must face such issues with key escrow, key recovery, and the third parties themselves.
It is maintained and safeguarded by Microsoft, and we have not shared this key with the NSA or any other party," it said, "Microsoft has consistently opposed the various key escrow proposals suggested by the government because we don't believe they are good for consumers, the industry or national security.
Whilst attention is being paid to the security of electronic commerce and technologies like key escrow, many businesses are overlooking the contractual risks associated with online trading.
It is intended to ease export restrictions on strong encryption products for those companies that implement a key escrow system (see November "Viewpoint").