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KMPKnowledge Management Platform
KMPK-Multimedia Player (Microsoft)
KMPKill Me Please
KMPKilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (political group in the Philippines)
KMPKnuth-Morris-Pratt (string matching algorithm)
KMPKeep Me Posted
KMPKernel Module Package (computing)
KMPKey Management Personnel
KMPKey Management Protocol
KMPKroger Market Place (Gallatin, TN)
KMPKey Management Plan
KMPKey Measurement Point
KMPKhulna Metropolitan Police (Bangladesh)
KMPKey Milestone Plans
KMPKorean Massage Parlor
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2008a provided complete security management system for multiple layers data with complex key management schemes, without any reference to standard key management protocols.
KMMR is a Key Management Protocol which is intended to secure multi-hop routing in wide WSNs deployed for example in huge agriculture and cultivation fields.
Comparison table for some centralized group key management protocols
Hwang and Kim [44] proposed to enhance the basic random key management protocol [19] by reducing the amount of key-related materials required to be stored in each node, while guaranteeing a certain probability of sharing a key between two nodes.
Consequently, the IPSEC working group is also standardizing an Internet Key Management Protocol (IKMP) and several protocols have been submitted to the group for consideration.
Muckenhirn, "Group Key Management Protocol Specification", Internet Request for Comments 2093, July 1997.
Section 4 develops the scheme, the group key management protocol with an identifier.