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--Queries Since S knows the MSK, it can run algorithms KGen and Sign to outputs any secret keys and signatures.
--Queries Since S knows the MSK, it can generate any secret keys by running the algorithm KGen. S can also generate normal signtures for requests > k by running the algorithm Sign.
* The randomized key generation algorithm Kgen takes a system parameter k as input, and returns a pair (pk, sk) which consists of a private key sk and a corresponding public key pk, we write [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In this section, we present our public key encryption scheme PKE based on the layered cellular automata with T-shaped neighborhood, which mainly consists of three algorithms, namely Kgen, Enc and Dec.
15 November 2012 - The US Justice Department (DOJ) cleared domestic power producer and retailer Entergy Corp (NYSE:ETR) to buy two gas-fired power plants from units of KGen Power Corp (PINK:KGENY) in a deal worth USD459m (EUR360.3m) in total.
The transaction involves KGen's Hinds energy facility in Jackson, Mississippi for which Entergy is paying USD206m and the Hot Spring energy plant in Hot Spring, Arkansas for USD253m, the buyer has said.
* Each user [U.sub.i] [epsilon] U generates its long-term verification/signing keys ([VK.sub.i], [SK.sub.i]) by running KGen.
Under the agreements, Entergya[euro](tm)s unit Entergy Mississippi (NYSE:EMO) will take over the Hinds energy facility in Jackson from KGen Hinds LLC, a subsidiary of KGen Power Corporation, for USD206m, while Entergy Arkansas will buy the Hot Spring energy plant in Hot Spring county for USD253m.
International Resource News-February 1, 2011--Oglethorpe Power Corporation to acquire CCUs from KGen Power Corporation(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Energy investment firm ArcLight Capital Partners LLC, through its wholly-owned affiliate AL Sandersville Holdings LLC, has acquired a 640-megawatt generation facility located in Sandersville, Georgia from KGen Power Corporation for USD130m.
Now owned by KGen Power Corp., the plant was built by Duke Energy North America Inc.