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KSKansas (US postal abbreviation)
KSKyrgyzstan (international vehicle registration)
KSKey Stage (level of UK state education)
KSKorean (Industrial) Standards
KSKitchen Sink
KSKevin Smith (movie director)
KSKama Sutra
KSKatsoa (Finnish: see, look)
KSKnock Sensor (automotive)
KSKaposi's Sarcoma (common neoplastic complication in patients with AIDS)
KSKorean Standard
KSKiefer Sutherland (actor)
KSKilling Spree (gaming)
KSKolbenschmidt (Germany)
KSKlinefelter Syndrome
KSKill Steal (gaming tactic)
KSKeratan Sulfate
KSKelly-Springfield (.50 cal ammunition headstamp)
KSKabuki Syndrome
KSKappa Sigma Fraternity
KSKiaSu (Singlish)
KSKnight Star
KSKnee Slapper
KSKnee Society
KSKol Simcha (Klezmer dance group)
KSKilimanjaro Safaris
KSKenzo Suzuki (wrestler)
KSKitchen Stadium (Iron Chef TV show)
KSKing's Scholar (Eton College)
KSKing's Scholar
KSKeratitis Sicca (ophthalmology; form of eye inflammation)
KSKLUB SPORT (sport club)
KSKool Skools (Australian music competition)
KSKnight Spec (Priston Tale)
KSKept Son (adoption)
KSKick Snapper (football; center on FG attempts)
KSKreative Software
KSKonsekai:Swordwaltzer (webcomic)
KSKearny Standard
KSFuel Tanker/Anti-Submarine Aircraft designation
KSKnown Shippable
KSRepublic of Korea
KSKindred of Sages
KSKommunenes Sentralforbund (Norwegian municipal organization)
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Thus we learn that the greatest majority of top-performing girls at Parkview are Chinese science-streamed students, enormously influenced by the cultural concept of kiasu, or fear of losing.
The Hokkien or Singlish word kiasu, which means "fear of losing" or "fear of missing out," typifies this behavior.
A Preliminary Study of Kiasu Behaviour--Is It Unique to Singapore?
Rather, the reasoning stems from an inextricable facet of the Singaporean psyche--being kiasu, or Hokkien for 'afraid ttell you.
Among these words are kongsi (association or partnership), towkay (a wealthy Chinese businessman, boss), tapau (take away food) and kiasu (fear of losing out to other people) (Hashim and Leitner 2011).
So just in case you were wondering, the moral of the story is donOt knock kiasu.
In other words, these authors seem to have conflated what the PAP regime has called 'Chinese' values--a strong interest in good education and a kiasu (afraid-of-losing) approach to work, study and life (pp.
Inspectors visiting the Kam Tong, Hung Tao and Kiasu restaurants in Queensway, Bayswater, west London, found mouse droppings all over the kitchens and cockroach eggs in the dim sum and baskets of prawn crackers Owner Ronald Lim, of Barnet, north London, was fined pounds 30,000 plus pounds 18,131 costs and given an eight-month jail term suspended for two years at Southwark Crown Court after admitting 17 counts of breaching food hygiene regulations.
177, notes 67-9), and Jack Neo's film Money no enough has eloquently captured the angst surrounding streaming and kiasu schooling.
72) In this respect, the so-called "cult" of vulnerability (as Leifer has put it (73)) that apparently underscores Singapore's official security thinking is not restricted solely to the paranoia of its political leaders; it is equally redolent and symptomatic of the kiasu (fear of losing out) mentality often attributed to ordinary Singaporeans.
Mee (1935), kiasu (1978), kongsi (1839), lah (1972), pekoe (1713), Teochew (1893).
An excellent example is the Hokkien-derived adjective kiasu (pronounced "kee-ah-soo"), meaning 'fear of losing out to others' or 'losing face.