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KiBSKyliptix Integrated Business Solution (Kyliptix Solutions CRM module)
KIBSKorean Information Base System (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; South Korea)
KIBSKendall Island Bird Sanctuary (Canada)
KIBSKochi International Business School (Kochi, India)
KIBSKorea Institute of Brain Science (Seoul, South Korea)
KIBSKnowledge-Intensive Business Services
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Apply and obtain unconditional approval to attend one of the universities accredited by the KIBS program in either an MBA or MSc program.
Third section depicts the characteristics of KIBS, their impacts on aggregate innovative capabilities and aspects concerning impacts arising from FDI.
As KIBS sao empresas que ofertam solucoes baseadas em conhecimento especifico para outras empresas, difundindo o conhecimento para todo o sistema economico, seja na formulacao de diagnosticos, na busca de alternativas para a uma determinada situacao ou na implementacao desta solucao.
Among various types of service, we are interested in the KIBS sector, since this is one of the fastest growing sectors (Koch and Strotmann 2008).
While in the purchases of domestic services other services dominate, KIBS account for a larger share in imported service inputs.
En relacion a la competitividad y la base economica, una CRG, es considerada como locomotora de la economia e incubadora de empresas en el sentido que ofrecen mas y mejores servicios empresariales que estimulan el nacimiento de nuevas firmas (Camagni, 2005; Storper, 1998); en este sentido una ciudad sera mas global entre mas desarrollado sea el sector de los KIBS (Sassen, 2001).
2008) "Manufacturing outsourcing and its effects on plant performance-Lessons for KIBS Outsourcing", Journal of Evolutionary Economics, No.
A comparative study of innovation behaviour in singapore's KIBS and manufacturing firms.
KIBS include a variety of services such as auditing, engineering, or IT services, HR-management, accounting, legal, R&D services, and consulting (Hertog, 2000; Toivonen, 2004; Miles, 2005).
The contributors examine various KIBS sectors, such as computer services, management consultancy and R&D services, but all agree that the evolution of KIBS is strongly associated with new inter-organizational forms and that different country institutions shape the characteristics of these forms.
2003 Location and Knowledge Interaction between Head Office and KIBS in City Areas.
This paper examines the pattern of innovation in Singapore's knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) sector, based on a survey of 180 firms in key KIBS sub-sectors in Singapore.