KIFAKusatsu International Friendship Association (Japan)
KIFAKentucky Investment Fund Act
KIFAKilled in Flying Accident
KIFAKent Island Federation of Art (Stevensville, MD)
KIFAKodaira International Friendship Association (est. 1990; Japan)
KIFAKeratin Intermediate Filament Aggregates
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Emmanuel Charpy in a ceremony that took place in the French unit's headquarters in the southern village of Deir Kifa, under the patronage of UNIFIL Force Commander Paolo Serra.
The NNA reported that a 40-year-old man from the town of Der Kifa in the south drowned in Jbeil while swimming.
11:00 Under the patronage of Interior minister Ziad Baroud, a new civil defense center is launched in Ras Kifa Zgharta
That's because Ghanem works inside the base of the French contingent of UNIFIL, in the village of Deir Kifa in Tyre.
The communique added that a French medical unit was immediately dispatched from the French Contingent base in Deir Kifa to the scene of the accident, while French soldiers from the UNIFIL opened underway investigations into the incident.
The radars of the French UNIFIL battalion in Deir Kifa tracked the drone from the moment it crossed the border south of Bint Jbeil.
Sleiman made the remarks in speeches during a tour of south Lebanon where he visited the headquarters of the French contingent in the village of Deir Kifa near Tyre and met with the five French peacekeepers who were wounded when a roadside bomb explosion struck their vehicle near Tyre on Dec.
Youssef Hamade, a secondary school sociology teacher, was not deterred by the long journey to Beirut from the southern village of Deir Kifa in the qada of Tyre.
DEIR KIFA, Lebanon: A French UNIFIL commander said Tuesday that last week's attack against five French peacekeepers will not affect UNIFIL's peace mission in Lebanon, during a ceremony organized on their behalf.
According to the station, a large espionage device had been concealed underground close to the southern villages of Srifa and Deir Kifa, and had been used to infiltrate Hezbollah's telecommunications network to relay information back to Israeli occupied Shebaa farms.
The explosion occurred between the southern towns of Srifa and Deir Kifa, the second suspicious blast to hit south Lebanon in as many weeks.
Separately, in the village of Ras Kifa in Zghorta, thieves stole LL6