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Mike Gruss, "MDA Kill Assessment Sensors Would Be Commercially Hosted," Space News, 20 March 2015, http://spacenews.
The interceptor performance needed to engage an ICBM robustly for an ascent-phase intercept will demand substantially greater interceptor velocity than the proposed SM-3 family of systems (approaching that of the originally planned European ground-based midcourse defense [GMD] deployment) and must still address the problem of effective exoatmospheric discrimination and kill assessment.
Calculations revealed it would prove ineffective, given a probability of a false-positive kill assessment greater than 2 percent.
This, in turn, relieves the requirement to achieve near-perfect exo-atmospheric discrimination and kill assessment necessary for a shoot-assess-shoot doctrine.
Third and most important, the prospect of early EW kill assessment can conserve hard-kill resources and enhance overall fleet capability.
In addition to seeking improvements for Aegis, Patriot, THAAD and other systems, the Defense Department is pursuing space-based kill assessment, or SKA.
An MDA fact sheet on space-based kill assessment said: "The faster we can determine a threatening missile has been eliminated, the fewer the number of interceptors are needed in the fight.
The basic problem is the lack of near instantaneous and reliable ECM kill assessment.
Most of the funding has been allocated to technologies for target surveillance, acquisition, tracking and kill assessment, directed energy weapons and kinetic energy weapons.