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KZ2Killzone 2 (video game)
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Not only will the Trilogy include the three games, but it will also include all the Killzone 2 and 3 multiplayer map packs free of charge.
But to dismiss this sequel as a mere visual showcase would be a disservice to the core action, which maintains the excellence that distinguished Killzone 2.
The much-loved Warzone multiplayer mode from Killzone 2 returns and it's bolstered by two new online modes.
99 AS sci-fi first-person shooters go, Killzone 2 was about as good as it got.
The stop-and-pop gameplay of Killzone 2 returns, giving the player plenty of opportunities to duck for cover before clearing out the red-eyed Helghast with short bursts of fire.
99 ASIN: B003NSBMJE As sci-fi first-person shooters go, Killzone 2 was about as good as it got.
Its gameplay is faster than Killzone 2, - in fact the pacing is pretty much perfect.
This Special Forces Headset is compatible with all PS3[TM] games that require headsets, including MAG, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Unreal Tournament 3, Battlefield Bad Company, and more.
But there's no doubt that Killzone 2 will be in the mix for all awards, after providing a peerless demonstration of how a first person shooter can triumph in both single player and multiplayer modes.
With the release of Killzone 2 exclusively for the PS3 (The 360 couldn't handle what the developers had in mind), redemption has finally come for all those months (jealously) watching our smug 'friends' with 360s showing off the graphical delights of the Halo and Gears of War series'.
Remember how in Killzone 2 you were made to use the Sixaxis motion control to turn valves, and how it always felt like it would just be easier to use the stick?