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KDKevin Durant (basketball player)
KDKingdom (Star Kingdoms game)
KDKuwaiti Dinar (unit of currency)
KDkd lang (musician)
KDKnocked Down
KDKinase Domain (biology)
KDKappa Delta
KDKawasaki Disease
KDKentucky Derby
KDKings Domnion (amusement park; Virginia)
KDKraft Dinner
KDKristillisdemokraatit (Finnish: Christian Democrats)
KDKomodo Dragon
KDKiln Dried
KDKing Diamond (band)
KDKeep Dreaming (gaming)
KDKristendemokraterne (Danish political party)
KDKnown Distance
KDKhaki Drill (uniform)
KDKnowledge Discovery
KDKill Death Ratio (gaming)
KDKomatsu Diesel (Japan)
KDKitchen Duty
KDKnee-Disarticulation (amputation)
KDCost of Debt
KDKatamari Damacy (video game)
KDData Key (FIPS)
KDKennedy Disease
KDKeep Driving (mechanical fault finding for intermittent faults)
KDKeyed Differently (locksmithing)
KDKristdemokratiska Partiet (Swedish political party)
KDKnown Delinquent
KDKings Destroy (grafitti crew)
KDKey and Developmental
KDKael Drakkal (Everquest, gaming)
KDKerrville Division (Kerrville Veterans Hospital, Kerrville, TX)
KDKnown Depredator
KDKwikDeath (CounterStrike gaming clan)
KDDissociate Constant (receptor affinity in pharmacology, chemistry)
KDKept Daughter (adoption)
KDPilotless Aircraft for Use as Target Aircraft (US Navy)
KDKorgorian Delphic
KDKmecka Družba (Slovenia)
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Kirk bes kilodalton agirliginda disulfit baglari ile bagli dimerik bir bir glikoproteindir.
"We could obtain appreciable expression of the 285 kilodalton spider silk protein, which is the largest recombinant silk protein ever produced in E.
Furthermore, the data suggest that the placenta expresses larger stathmin-like proteins, but few if any 19 kilodalton (kDa) forms of stathmin.
The Anaplasma marginale msp5 gene encodes a 19 Kilodalton protein conserved in all recognized Anaplasma species.
There may be multiple antigens and epitopes involved in the atypical pANCA and it has been reported as associated with histone-1, (41, 42) high mobility group nuclear protein (HMG-1 and HMG-2), (43, 44) and more recently as a 50 kilodalton nuclear envelope protein.
Molecular characterization of a Haemaphysalis longicornis tick salivary gland-associated 29- kilodalton protein and its effect as a vaccine against tick infestation in rabbits.
Identification of a major 72 kilodalton surface antigen in twelve isolates of Leishmania braziliensis.
Nucleotide sequence comparison of haemolysin encoding hlyA gene from classical and El Tor strains reveal the presence of an 11 base-pair deletion in classical strains that results in a truncated protein product of 27 kilodaltons in classical strains rendering it non haemolytic, whereas in El Tor strains the HlyA is intact 82 kilodalton and biologically active (12).
Cloning and Expression of the major 47 kilodalton surface immunogen of Treponema pallidum in Escherichia coli.
Abbreviations: DAS-ELISA, double antibody sandwich-enzymelinked immunosorbent assay; ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; (H), hand inoculated; HPV, high plains virus; kDa, kilodalton; (M), mite inoculated; QTL, quantitative trait loci; RI, recombinant inbred; SSR, simple sequence repeat; WCM, wheat curl mite; WSMV, wheat streak mosaic virus.
Purification, characterization, and localization of a 29 ku (kilodalton) glycoprotein from the edible tubers of Apios americana Medikus.
Isolation and characterization of a novel 39 kilodalton whey protein from bovine mammary secretions collected during the nonlactating period.