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9 kilograms per day of hydrogen, is destined for the NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation in Vancouver, BC.
With an average treated flow of 75m3 per day (maximum flow of 1525m3 per day) and a BoD (biochemical oxygen demand) of 890 kilograms per day at the Masham plant, the BoD consent level of 5 mg/I is being met reliably.
The planned increase in cheese production is from 340 kilograms per day to 4,000 kilograms per day, "Andrei Razin added.
ISLAMABAD , January 11, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has reduced its quota of sugar from 2,400 to 1,200 kilograms per day for its each outlet subsequently slashing per person quota of sugar from five kilograms to two kilograms.
According to Mid Day, the compression capacity of each of the five new CNG stations in Chembur will be 5,000 kilograms per day, enabling the suburb to fuel approximately 25,000 vehicles per day.
The plant, which is anticipated to be operational in July, will complete continuous test work at a rate of 100 kilograms per day of batteries, testing the recovery of high-purity cobalt, lithium, nickel and other base metals from lithium batteries typically used in the electric vehicles.
The project seeks to reduce biodiversity loss through afforestation of the degraded areas, introduction of 80 energy saving stoves to reduce the amount of firewood use per household from 25 kilograms to 10 kilograms per day and beekeeping activities.
3 million kilograms per day of sodium hypochlorite from seawater.
This resulted in increase of monthly production from 1800 kilograms per day to 5000 kilograms per day which meant that even after providing Modified Voluntary Retirement Scheme (MVRS) to surplus workers, about 380 workers started getting wages everyday which invariably secured employment for about 600 local families in the long run.