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KPKaiser Permanente
KPKeratosis Pilaris
KPNorth Korea (Internet country abbreviation)
KPKim Possible (TV show)
KPKyoto Protocol (international agreement)
KPKaty Perry (singer)
KPKein Problem (German: no problem)
KPKommunistische Partei (Communist Party, Germany)
KPKimberley Process (diamond trade regulation scheme)
KPKings Point (various organizations)
KPKaufpreis (German: selling price)
KPKane Package (Philippines)
KPKernel Panic (Linux)
KPKhyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)
KPKey Peninsula (Washington)
KPKompanie (German: company)
KPKey Point
KPKid Pix (bitmap drawing program)
KPKey Pad
KPKey Player
KPKitt Peak (NSO; Arizona)
KPKein Plan (gaming clan)
KPKamratposten (Swedish magazine for youth)
KPKing of Prussia (Pennsylvania)
KPKey Personnel
KPKey Pair
KPKnee Pad
KPKitchen Police
KPKenai Peninsula (Alaska)
KPKitchen Patrol
KPKevin Pieterson (cricket)
KPKing Prawn (band)
KPPotassium Perchlorate
KPPermeability Coefficient
KPKey Pulse
KPKosovo Police
KPKadomtsev-Petviashvili equation (mathematical physics)
KPKnowledge of Performance
KPKing's Pawn (chess)
KPKey Processor
KPKnowledge Products
KPKorean Pride
KPKid Power (Washington, DC; est. 2002)
KPKitsap Peninsula (Washington)
KPKey Punch
KPKilling Power
KPKilometer Post (cable or pipeline)
KPKorean Power
KPknowledge Partnership
KPKentucky Post
KPKings Plaza (Brooklyn, New York)
KPKeyboard Printer
KPKilo Pound (old unit of force)
KPKnight of St Patrick
KPKilometer Point (cable or pipeline)
KPKrabby Patties (SpongeBob SquarePants)
KPKeratitic Precipitates
KPKey Principal
KPKey Pal
KPKenyon Produce (UK snack company; part of United Biscuits)
KPKanawha Players (Charleston, WV theater group)
KPKatzenbach Partners LLC
KPKanohi Power (Bionicle website)
KPKliger Partners (Melbourne, Australia law firm)
KPKemble Plaza (AT&T location in New Jersey)
KPKnight of Pius IX (religious order)
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Shows will include Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and Zeke and Luther.
In the show Kim Possible, she has a waist so skinny, and her stomach is always showing
They call her Kim Possible and yesterday Kim Clijsters took the first step towards achieving her Mission Impossible.
En el extremo opuesto de dibujos animados de munecas con vestidos de princesas o maquillajes exagerados se situan otras dos series televisivas: << Supernenas >> y << Kim Possible >>.
Pokemon, Kim Possible and Chip 'N' Dale will provide exciting entertainment for those who crave a little action and adventure, while Winnie the Pooh, Jo Jo's Circus and Mickey's Clubhouse will keep pre-schoolers amused for hours.
Instead of home-grown favourites like Teletubbies, Jackanory and Grange Hill, children now get mostly American-made shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Kim Possible on mainstream channels.
China, Iraq, Japan, Kim II Sung, Kim Jong II, Kim Possible, the Korean War, Russia, South Korea, terrorists, UNICEF, the United Nations Security Council, the U.
One is Disney's Kim Possible, based on a cartoon about a karate-kicking schoolgirl.
Rede Globo will broadcast Disney animated series Fillmore, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Kim Possible, Jojo's Circus, Hercules and others, in Brazil.
In Sam Kim's new Vince and Alison (premiering December 1 to 4 at Dance Theater Workshop) cabriole and reverence collide with the cartoon energy of Kim Possible.
Disney is also looking at potential consumer electronics licensing related to its other popular brands targeting a slightly older demographic, such as Power Rangers, Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire, Heatherly said.
The problem is, however, as even Demarbre admits, today everything from Starsky and Hutch to Kim Possible is a tip of the hat to 1970s Asian retro-homage, especially that other love letter to the grindhouse, Kill Bill, a film that may potentially overshadow Demarbre's future efforts.