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To meet the goal of increasing Kindergarten Readiness Assessment scores by I percent every year until 2020, the community plans to increase the number of star-rated preschool programs, specifically in low-income neighborhoods, and to triple the number of facilities to reach a total of 150 by the year 2015.
Indianapolis also plans to implement a citywide preschool curriculum to promote consistency in early education and will award grants to preschool educators who commit to the implementation of kindergarten readiness assessments in their classrooms.
Aided by a governmental reorganization that moved the child care subsidy program from the human resources department to the department of education, Maryland leveraged a long-standing investment in a statewide kindergarten readiness assessment, the Maryland Model for School Readiness, and now possesses a new ability to see the educational outcomes of the subsidy program in detail.
Transitions in leadership and key staffing positions resulted in timeline delays for several initiatives, including the selection of an assessment consortium, rollout of the kindergarten readiness assessment pilot, and the hiring of a lead for the work related to performance funding for successful educator preparation programs.
Kindergarten readiness assessment results, executive (nonpublic) session to consider employment of public officer or staff member.
A curriculum that meets kindergarten readiness criteria and the use of a recognized kindergarten readiness assessment tool
To do so, kindergarten readiness assessment efforts should adhere to the following principles: (1) Use multiple tools for multiple purposes; (2) Address multiple developmental domains and diverse cultural contexts; (3) Align with early learning guidelines and common core standards; (4) Collect information from multiple sources; (5) Implement in a systems-based approach; and (6) Avoid inappropriate use of assessment information, specifically including high-stakes decisions, labeling children, restricting kindergarten entry, and predicting children's future academic and life success.
Common core, AVID, harassment, bullying data, kindergarten readiness assessment.
Kindergarten needs to be ready for my child," esteemed University of Oregon professor Yong Zhao declared when asked how he felt about the new kindergarten readiness assessments.