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KKVKath-Kirche-Vorarlberg (German: Catholic Church Vorarlberg; Vorarlberg, Austria)
KKVKinetic Kill Vehicle
KKVKokua Kalihi Valley (service organization; Hawaii)
KKVKing, Keohane and Verba (social science researchers)
KKVKuroda Kagaku Vietnam
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The evolution of Chinese kinetic kill vehicles and other ASAT weapons produces the following question: What is China's perceived need for an ASAT weapons program, and what viable means does the United States possess to counter this threat?
China demonstrated a limited capability to use a missile to launch a kinetic kill vehicle to destroy one of its own satellites in LEO under testing conditions that it controlled.
As an on-site contractor for over ten years at the Air Force's Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator (KHILS) facility at Eglin, CSA has been in the forefront of IR Scene Projector development and testing for state-of-the-art IR systems and seeker hardware.
Created in 1984 as the Strategic Defense Initiative, the United States' ballistic missile defense (BMD) program is attempting to develop a complex system of ground-based interceptor missiles, carrying kinetic kill vehicles that would destroy enemy ballistic missiles.
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