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"The first ship-launched SM-3 IIA, it was the first time that we actually were able to have our (kinetic warhead) look at a threat in space, identify that threat, discriminate that threat, and consummate an engagement on that threat.
Two tests of the SM-3 IIA's propulsion system and then its kinetic warhead were conducted last year, leading up to Friday's test of a real target.
The increase in diameter to a uniform 21 inches provides more room for rocket fuel, permitting the Block IIA version to have a burnout velocity (a maximum velocity, reached at the time the propulsion stack burns out) that is 45% to 60% greater than that of the Block IA and IB versions, (7) as well as a larger-diameter kinetic warhead. The United States and Japan have cooperated in developing certain technologies for the Block IIA version, with Japan funding a significant share of the effort.
We also will continue the co-development of the SM-3 IIA interceptor with the Government of Japan to increase significantly the area defended by the Aegis BMD system with its 21-inch diameter rocket motors, two-color seeker, and increased kinetic warhead divert capability.
The SM-3 LEAP's kinetic warhead is designed to intercept an incoming theater ballistic missile outside the earth's atmosphere.
This combines the Standard Block IV airframe with satellite/inertial navigation and a third rocket stage (Asas: Advanced Solid Axial Stage) that boosts the 20-kilogram Terrier Leap kinetic warhead.
"The goal was to launch a ballistic-missile target and then have Aegis detect and engage the target, fire an SM-3, control it through the second- and third-stage separation, and record data about the third stage's performance." While guiding the kinetic warhead's fourth stage for an intercept was not a part of this test, the next test will likely involve engagement between warhead and target.