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The Magdalen College Case was a decision in King's Bench on a moot question between John Warren and John Smith over tenancy of a house in London's Covent Garden.
Halliday uses King's Bench records to successfully challenge J.H.
As the royal duty of dispensing justice grew, the king's bench and the king's chancery were created.
London did not surrender its charter in 1683; the court of King's Bench adjudged it forfeited to the Crown after lengthy and costly legal proceedings, an outcome that helped encourage other corporations to surrender their charters rather than try to defend them at law (334).
When the Prince did not heed this advice, he was sentenced for contempt and committed to the King's Bench prison.
"Mr Marshall QC and his team will argue that the courts' emphasis on trying to find that a husband's behaviour is in some way 'unreasonable' is wrong," says the statement from 1 King's Bench Walk.
They developed in the English Chancery Courts and by the 16th century they were being issued to stop defendants filing actions before the various other civil courts that existed at that time (such as the King's Bench Courts and the Court of Common Pleas).
Lowrie engages in a serious rethinking of the causes of the American Revolution, explaining how Lord Mansfield's decisions from his elevation to the Court of King's Bench in 1756 until his retirement in 1788 gave Great Britain the firepower it needed to attempt to tax its colonies.
The phrase prenes en gre, usually found in literary and other non-legal texts, appears with a slightly different spelling in a plea roll of the King's Bench, having no apparent relevance to the pleas in whose company it appears.
A pertinent case was then pending before King's Bench so Lord Chancellor Camden granted Macklin a temporary injunction but suspended pleadings until Lord Mansfield and the justices with him on King's Bench, just a few yards from Chancery in Westminster Hall, decided the landmark copyright case of Millar versus Taylor.
Hill Dickson have been instructing Stephen Phillips QC MP and Noel Casey of 7 King's Bench Walk.
Any kind of writing leaves its scraps: the King's Bench calls it evidence.