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References in classic literature ?
Nor even in our superstitions do we fail to throw the same snowy mantle round our phantoms; all ghosts rising in a milk-white fog --Yea, while these terrors seize us, let us add, that even the king of terrors, when personified by the evangelist, rides on his pallid horse.
Life has lost its priceless value to this man; and when Death comes to him he will receive the king of terrors as he might receive the last of his guests.
O that we were wise to lay up treasure for the time of need, for it is truly a solemn affair to enter the lists with the king of terrors.
The Inquisitorial vengeance had been hurried by my two-fold escape, and there was to be no more dallying with the King of Terrors.
The Great King of Terror has dropped from the sky and Nostradamus has called it right again.
Then we'll just have to wait and hope that the King of Terror is a fairly decent cove who wouldn't do you a bad turn.
Doomwatchers who closely study the hundreds of predictions made by Nostradamus, firmly believe the said King of Terror - popularly believed to refer to coming of the Third Antichrist and the end of the world - would descend from the heavens in July 1999.
When asked what Nostradamus meant when he stated: "In the seventh month of the year 1999, from the sky will come a great king of terror .
Therefore, since it is unlikely Nostradamus was literally referring to the resurrection of Genghis Khan, the King of Terror from the skies would have to be something that behaved like the great war lord - ie kill millions of people.
The King of Terrors met their gaze In ev'ry shape, or form, or phase, He rode upon the bustling shell: They found him where the round shot fell; They heard him in exploding mine, In bayonet gleam they saw him shine; They saw him come with saber's flash, Driving out souls through many a gash; He play'd among the deadly dew, Which soak'd their tatter'd garments Through.
Schenectady proved to be a remarkably rich site for studying "the King of Terrors.
Nineteenth-century Americans often referred to death as "the King of Terrors," although they appear from the modern perspective to be both familiar and comfortable with death.