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KISARKodiak Island Search and Rescue (Kodiak, AK)
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Once it actually makes it inside Syria another 20 percent gets taken by the Local Councils because they feel that they have a right to payment in kind, they also have families," Kisar said.
1937 Oirata: A Timorese settlement of Kisar, Studies in Indonesian Culture.
This includes pairs and their descendants, namely, Apsu and Tiamat, Lahmu and Lahamu, Ansar and Kisar, the unpaired Anu, and finally Nudimmud (Enki/Ea).
18) Indeed in some origin stories this putative common origin and brotherhood is extended to an inter-island sphere, which includes the islands of Flores, Kisar, Alor, and Ambon in eastern Indonesia.
The situation became so inflamed that the police were called in from the neighbouring island of Kisar, supposedly to control hostilities.
The book includes twenty-one texts, distributed as follows: three texts on the settlement history of Hispar; two on the agricultural year and systems of time reckoning, including discussions of major festivals; fifteen texts on spirit beliefs and the shamanic cult; and one three-part narrative consisting of episodes in the Kisar cycle.
Money, the subject of Sandra Pannell's chapter, is a resource in short supply and endowed with quasi-magical powers on the island of Kisar.