KISRKuwait Institute for Scientific Research
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KISR is pioneering scientific excellence in Kuwait and addressing key challenges, such as environment preservation and the sustainable management of the countrys natural resources, said Jim Crouse, Capstones Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
A few years ago, KISR launched Al-Saqaya renewable energy complex, which covers an area of 100 sq km, with a compound capacity of 200,000 megawatts, she said, adding that the project will go operational by the end of 2016.
She said KISR paid great attention to regional and international cooperation in joint research undertakings through its four research centers dealing with petroleum research, environment, water research, and energy and building research.
The Ministry of Electricity and Water and KISR have agreed on the establishment of a solar power station in Al Shaqaya area with a total capacity of 70 MW per hour, to start operation by 2016," Hajraf said.
Recent studies carried out at KISR indicated that this crosscut is caused by the greater date palm moth Arenipses sabella infection and it is noticed not only in selected cultivars but in many date palm cultivars in Kuwait.
Furthermore, KISR is home to over 580 researchers and engineers and over 100 laboratories, housed at 9 locations, with growth expected through the implementation of a new strategic plan.
Addrressing a symposium held by the American University of Kuwait (AUK) in cooperation with KISR, she said KISR is keen to collaborate with all scientific and energy institutions to optimize the use of renewable energy in Kuwait.
KPC contracted KISR to conduct a three-phase study to develop a roadmap for the introduction of renewable energy, particularly the potentials of introducing solar energy technologies, within the petroleum sector in Kuwait.
Hani Qasem, manager of the Advanced Systems Department at KISR, said that KISR was always committed to creating technologies that can serve the needs of disabled people.
Discussing the project, Director General of KISR Naji Al-Mutairi said that the activities of the centre would be oriented towards one of national priorities - namely Kuwait's water security issue.
We believe this is a great opportunity for Kuwait technology businesses to develop and for KISR to assist this in a very practical and real way.
Kuwait is working on facilitating the transfer of renewable energy techniques, as well as providing applications and policies to tackle current challenges, mainly pollution and global warming," said Minister Al-Essa, adding that the State of Kuwait is - methodologically and voluntarily, contributing towards lessening of greenhouse gas emissions, and is also in efforts to diversify energy sources through major projects by KISR.