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KITAKorea International Trade Association
KITAKick In The Ass
KITAKorean Industrial Technology Association (South Korea)
KITAKumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Ghana)
KITAKerala Information Technology Alliance (New York)
KITAKrishnaveni Information Technology Association (India)
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The low-budget Kita Kita, for one, struck box-office gold by grossing over P300M.
Japanese society continues to age rapidly, and Kita City is working to create an environment where the elderly can live in health and safety.
HOOQ Philippines Content and Programming Head Jeffrey Remigio said, "We are very proud to have the exclusive SVOD rights to Kita Kita, this movie has broken all the Filipino box office records till date
NASDAQ: COHU) has closed the acquisition of Japan-based spring probe contacts maker Kita Manufacturing Co.
Nishi is fine with gentle, older kids, and Kita would just need a bit of time to get comfortable with them.
aOur motto of providing high-quality reporting on economic and other news, while maintaining fairness and impartiality, is very close to that of the FT,a Kita said.
Care worker Kita, from Crayford, Kent, said: "It felt like a bee sting but at least 40 times worse.
Dr Kita said: "Communication traffic between regions of the brain was light when the word matched the shape, but the traffic became heavy especially in the left hemisphere, where language is typically processed, when the word did not match the shape.
Kita previously served as senior vice president of the Building Trades Employers' Association (BTEA) and managed initiatives in areas of safety, grant development, Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) and educational programs.
Kita and I have worked together for two hours a week almost every week for 3V2 years.
Et de rencherir: [beaucoup moins que]J'appelle ca un manque de respect, surtout que Slimani est international[beaucoup plus grand que], a ajoute Kita.
Novelist Morio Kita, known for literary works such as ''The House of Nire'' and his ''Dr.