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KLKuala Lumpur
KLKerala (India)
KLK-Line (ban from IRC server)
KLKaiserslautern (German licence plate code)
KLKLM Royal Dutch Airlines (airline code)
KLKommunernes Landsforening (Danish: Local Government Association)
KLKoninklijke Landmacht (Royal Dutch Army)
KLKonzentrationslager (German: Concentration Camp)
KLKochonland (online game)
KLKarhunen-Loeve (transform)
KLKazaa Lite
KLKiller Loop (sunglasses)
KLKitting List
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Researchers have linked certain lifestyle strategies with greater production of klotho and increases in levels of the protein circulating in the bloodstream and present in key memory areas of the brain, such as the hippocampus and frontal cortex.
01) were established between stage of CKD and Klotho (Figure 1b) and stage of CKD and sclerostin (Figure 1c) levels respectively.
We ve known for a long time that people lose cognitive abilities as they age, but now we re beginning to understand that factors like klotho can give people a boost and confer resilience in aging, said senior author Dena Dubal, MD, PhD, assistant professor of neurology at UCSF and the David A.
These are often ageing-related disorders and Klotho seems to be involved in ageing, so we can learn how to keep human tissues healthy.
Las glandulas paratiroides, expresan FGFR y Klotho, pero que FGF23 estimule o inhiba la secrecion de PTH es incierto.
Stratification of plasma NOx, according to genotypes indicated a trend towards association between the variant in stroke patients, suggesting endothelial dysfunction as a possible mechanism by which the klotho 352FF and 352W gentoypes caused increase in stroke risk.
But a strain developed to produce extra klotho lived from 19 to 31 per cent longer than normal mice.
Klotho, the spinning goddess (< [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "to spin"), pulls the boy out of the boiling water as a dyer might pull a woolen thread out of a pot.
In mammals, a gene encoding a humoral factor termed klotho was recently implicated in the suppression of a wide variety of aging phenotypes (Kuro-o et al.
El gene klotho codifica una proteina que podria estar involucrada en el metabolismo de una sustancia relacionada con el cese del crecimiento y division celular, con la muerte de la celula.
Satoshi Ishibashi (Representative Director of Klotho Partners Inc).