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KNABKhatme Nabuwat Andolon Bangladesh (political group)
KNABKorupcijas Noveershanas un Apkaroshanas Birojs (Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, Latvia)
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Knab finished 47 pins behind 12th-place finisher Brynn Lambrecht of Belvidere North.
Relevantly, the processing time for Algorithm B becomes less than that concerning Algorithm A exploiting the Knab or approximate prolate interpolation windows.
The most powerful example is the satellite TV industry, where "millions of homes have this technology being used to receive digital signals," Knab says.
Otras especies como Culex levicastilloi Lane, Culex camposi Dyar & Knab y Runchomyia magna Theobald, han sido registradas en maximo dos localidades por encima de los 2000 m.
Partiendo de esas premisas interpretativas, parece mas coherente adoptar la posicion de Knab al respecto (cf.
Dorville (1996), baseando-se nestas alteracoes, propos a utilizacao de determinadas especies de Culicidae como indicadoras do grau alto de degradacao ambiental, e aponta quatro grupos como bioindicadores: Anopheles (Kerteszia) cruzii Dyar & Knab, 1908, em ambientes florestais preservados, Aedes scapularis (Rondani, 1848) e tribo Mansoniini em ambientes altamente alterados, e especies que se desenvolvem em ocos de arvores, denominadas THB ("tree-hole breeders"), como por exemplo, Haemagogus e Microculex em ambientes intermediarios.
Harknett K and Knab J, More kin, less support: multipartnered fertility and perceived support among mothers, Journal of Marriage and Family, 2007, 69(1):237-253.
With: Miguel Franchi, Milagros Alarcon, Hector Bidonde, Monica Galan, Monica Alfonso, Julian Knab, Miguel Bosco, Juan Pablo Geretto, David Olmos, Emanuel Rojas.
an MS Learn Online Webcast for people newly diagnosed with MS, featuring Sarah Knab Keitt, MPH, Michael Pawelczak, and Teresa Rapozo, at nationalmssociety.
In June 2006, the KNAB again issued demands that the Government declare Ahmadis non-Muslims and on June 23, 2006, approximately 1,500 to 2,000 marchers attempted to seize an Ahmadiyya mosque near Dhaka.
Countryside worker Alan Knab was living near Alnwick when he targeted the 12-year-old for horrific abuse.