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After MCL surgery, the patient will be placed in a knee immobilizer that is locked in slight flexion to allow the knee to bend.
He was positioned in a recliner wearing a knee immobilizer on the left.
6 meters) while wearing the knee immobilizer, using a standard walker, and requiring minimal assistance.
The plan of care was to follow the Joint Camp Protocol for TKA for BID sessions with the caveat of the knee immobilizer to be worn when ambulating until quadriceps function improved enough to perform an unassisted straight leg raise.
The Rolyan Knee Immobilizer is offered in short (20[inches]) and long (24[inches]) sizes.
Also, two-thirds of respondents indicated that the responsibility to determine when the knee immobilizer should be discontinued rests with the physical therapist, indicating an appropriate and expanded role in the overall post-surgical management process by therapists.
Knee immobilizers that hold the leg straight can be used for knee injuries such as sprains and patellar dislocations, as well as more chronic anterior knee pain and recurrent effusions.
In addition, there are hinged knee immobilizers for situations when you might want to hold the knee in a slightly flexed position.
Twelve days later, the leg casts were removed and knee immobilizers applied.
Prescribe ice, not heat; crutches for comfort; and no more than a few days of knee immobilizers for comfort.