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His previous positions include: executive vice president and chief operating officer of MediaNews Group; chief financial officer of Knight Ridder; president of Knight Ridder newspaper divisions; senior vice president of Knight Ridder newspapers; and executive vice-president and general manager of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
His previous positions include: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of MediaNews Group; Chief Financial Officer of Knight Ridder; President of Knight Ridder Newspaper Divisions; Senior Vice-President of Knight Ridder Newspapers and Executive Vice-President and General Manager of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
His coverage was published in 31 Knight Ridder newspapers, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, and the Detroit Free Press.
Excluding the newspaper category, whose 2006 totals included the sale of Knight Ridder newspapers, there were 190 deals valued at $10.7 billion in the 2007 period compared to 162 deals valued at $7.5 billion in the first quarter of 2006.
Only one team, at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, has published credible evidence of cloning a human embryo to the 100-cell stage - and it took 36 eggs donated by 11 women, according to an article from Knight Ridder Newspapers. The UK group did not try to harvest embryonic stem cells, much less coax them to differentiate into specialized cells, the article reports.
Six Ohio college students were selected for scholarships honoring Akron Beacon Journal editor and Knight Ridder Newspapers founder John S.
The regional market was estimated at us$20-billion in an April 14, 2006 story distributed by Knight Ridder Newspapers.
Knight Ridder newspapers uncovered evidence of overcharges in the prime vendor program last year.
Tish Wells says that seven years ago, when she first came to work for the bureau, she would call a government official and say, "I'm calling from the Knight Ridder Newspapers," and the official would say, "What?" And she would have to say, "Well, we own the Miami Herald and like that," and then they would understand.
And the cleanup is also part of the health problem, since, as Knight Ridder Newspapers reported, burning debris has joined with toxic mold and the fumes from the glue and plywood in new trailers to irritate residents' lungs and nasal passages.
A study by Knight Ridder Newspapers, which got considerably less attention than the alarmist statements above, found that blacks and those with lower incomes were not, in fact, represented disproportionately among victims.
In the latest challenge, to Abbas's approach to lawlessness, a reporter and photographer working for Knight Ridder newspapers were seized by assailants who stopped their car near the town of Khan Younis and took them away at gunpoint, their Palestinian translator, Ziad Abu Mustafa, said.