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"Flicksync: Knights Who Say Ni" available on Google Play for the Android Market.
He said: "I was one of the Knights who say Ni. It's one of the only interesting things on my acting CV.
However, if I have read this situation incorrectly, I shall leave you alone and let you get back to finding out if Miss Scarlet has really done it with the lead pipe in the ballroom in your latest round of Cluedo, joining in with the dialogue on the Knights who say Ni scene for the thousandth time, fantasising about Victoria Coren-Mitchell or flicking through Cosmo for the latest tips on laser hair removal treatments - oh, and getting ready for the derby showdown with Sheffield Wednesday, of course.
Privately at the time I comPared it to Monty Python's equally inef-inef fectual 'knights who say ni' and having now seen how it played out I think I was right in that analy sis."
In which film would you find the Knights who say Ni? 9.
The 2005 Tony Award-winning musical is "Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail,''' and follows the exploits of King Arthur and his knights as they encounter killer rabbits, flatulent Frenchmen, a legless knight, and the Knights Who Say Ni. Craig Cormier directs, and the cast includes Will Gelinas as King Arthur and Angela Jajko as Lady of the Lake.
My mother isn't a hamster and I've never known anyone who smelt of elderberries but, with the French castle taunt, the dauntless Black Knight and the Knights who say Ni while wearing hat stands on their heads, the sheer daft brilliance remains undimmed.
BEST SHOW Spamalot @ Grand Theatre, Swansea (tomorrow-Saturday) "WE are the Knights who say Ni and we want...
Along the way he encounters all sorts of ridiculous characters such as The Knights Who Say Ni, the Black Knight and Tim the Enchanter.
There's enough of the original Grail film to keep fans more than happy; the Knights Who Say Ni make an appearance, as does the (everdiminishing) Black Knight, some extremely rude Frenchmen and a flying cow.
31 Castle Anthrax and the Knights who say Ni can be seen in which 1970s comedy film?
(My students, though, giggled that the elder Hamlet looked more like one of Monty Pythons "Knights Who Say Ni" than an avenging ghost).