KNILKoninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (Dutch)
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As a legacy of Dutch colonial rule, 4,000 Moluccans--former KNIL soldiers, and their families, altogether 12,500 persons--were ordered in 1951 to settle 'temporarily' in the Netherlands.
Rifles produced for the KNIL and navy differed slightly in the style of stocks, rear sights, and/or bayonets.
The unique conditions of military service in both the Netherlands and the East Indies resulted in the Dutch armed forces and KNIL requiring little in the way of handguns.
He is also accused of murdering Drummer Rigby on May 22, as well as possession of a firearm, a 9.4mm KNIL Model 91 revolver, with intent to cause others to believe that violence would be used.
The Royal Netherlands Indies Army (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger, KNIL) commenced recruiting Balinese soldiers from December 1826.
About 12,000 former Ambonese soldiers of the Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL) working for the Dutch then proclaimed the area's independence from Indonesia.
The men signed for the KNIL, the colonial army, either as professional soldiers or army doctors.
The navy and KNIL often used different designations.
Both men are also charged with possession of a 9.4mm Knil model 91 revolver.
Adebolajo, who is also accused of the attempted murder of two police officers and possession of a firearm - a 9.4mm KNIL model 91 revolver - with intent to cause others to believe that violence would be used, was reprimanded by the judge for interrupting several times and eventually the videolink was switched off.