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KNOBSKnowledge Based System
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"No, sir, not in such a hurry," and Phebe laughed as she gave a particularly large knob a good poke.
Captain Nemo did not take his eye from the knob, suspended by its two concentric circles in the cabin.
Gently he turned the knob and pushed the door ajar.
These ELESA clamping knobs, grip knobs, lobe knobs, grab/bridge handles with matching finger-operated screws and nuts exemplify best practice in hygienic design principles, combining as they do finishes in AISI 316L, either matte sandblasted or mirror polished stainless steel, together with H-NBR blue FDA Compliant seals.
The Knobs Baptist Church is located three miles north of Tower Hill on Knobs Church Road.
This situation forced drivers to pay unreasonably high price for Knobs, which caused fierce social tension in the Far East.
The knobs respond to various grading parameters on the colour page.
Instead of producing special NM knobs and bases, they drilled a hole in the receiver at 6 o'clock behind the windage knob for a spring and detent ball.
Occasionally forgotten, concentric knobs sometimes have an additional control other than the knobs.
These spherical, large-projection door knobs are made of polished (grade 316) stainless steel (a satin version is available) and have a fantastic 25-year manufacturer's guarantee.
Production was ramped up quickly to include 50,000 red knobs per week until all the mobile-home ovens/ranges had been retrofitted.
20 November 2014 - US kitchen and bath decorative hardware maker Top Knobs USA Inc has completed the acquisition of domestic sector player Atlas Homewares Inc, the buyer's parent company, the Harbor Group, said in a press release.