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Knola unit of knowledge (Google project)
KnolKnoll (postal suffix)
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Conceptually, we applied the same technologies to data collection as Cockerill and Knols are proposing for data dissemination.
Knols acknowledges those possibilities but he says that mosquitoes and the parasites are less likely to evolve resistance to an organism such as a fungus, which can evolve countermeasures in response, than they are to a chemical agent.
Knols says monthly spraying may be necessary because the fungi's lethal effects decrease over time.
From May 1 through October 1, 2012, Knols will no longer be viewable
You might even use the Knols to test practices that release previously pay-per-view content to the open web in a controlled manner.
In the same way that books have authors' names right on the cover, knols have authors' names--and links to their other articles--right there on the page.