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Alcohol is a known cancer-causing agent and American Cancer Society advises that not more than one drink of alcohol should be consumed by female cancer survivors, and two drinks by male survivors, in a day.
Air fresheners contain formaldehyde - a known cancer-causing agent - and phenol, which causes skin damage.
UV light given off by sunbeds is a known cancer-causing agent, yet there are currently no plans for tighter controls on tanning equipment.
Exposure to sun lamps is a known cancer-causing agent to humans,' said Mike Repacholi, a radiation expert at WHO.
Teresita Dela Cruz, focal person, Tobacco Control Division of DOH-9 disclosed that of the 7000 chemical substances, 70 of them are known cancer-causing agents and more than 200 are toxic.
The confusion arose because processed meats were classified in the same group as known cancer-causing agents such as tobacco smoke and asbestos.
found diethylene glycol, a poison, and known cancer-causing agents in some of the 19 varieties of e-cigarette cartridges that it tested from two manufacturers.
In mid February hepatitis B and C were added to the list of known cancer-causing agents compiled by the Health and Human Services Department.
There are over 3,000 toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke including at least 60 known cancer-causing agents.