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KIKiribati (ISO country code, top level domain)
KIPotassium Iodide
KIKyrie Irving (basketball player)
KIKarolinska Institutet
KIKangaroo Island (South Australia)
KIKünstliche Intelligenz (German: Artificial Intelligence)
KIKiller Instinct
KIKey Informant (data collection)
KIKibi (kilobinary, 2^10)
KIKing's Island (amusement park, Cincinnati, Ohio)
KIKoito Industries (Japan)
KIKeithley Instruments, Inc. (Solon, OH)
KIKiwanis International
KIKunstmatige Intelligentie
KIKnown Issue
KIKing Island (Tasmania, Australia)
KIKnowledge Information
KIKinsey Institute
KIKodiak Island (Alaska)
KIKey Indicator (encryption seed used in GSM/PCN and derivative systems call setup)
KIreceptor affinity (pchemistry)
KIKing's Indian (chess)
KIKunstmatige Inseminatie
KIKurchatov Institute (Russia)
KIKeane, Inc.
KIKennedy Information
KIKlaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (Klaksvík, Faroe Islands soccer club)
KIKaizen Institute (Mauritius)
KIKøbenhavns Idrætsanlæg
KIKingdom Interlinear (Jehovah's Witnesses)
KIKnee Immobilizer
KIKinetic Interceptor
KIKinderberg International
KIKinetic Inhibitor (chemistry)
KIKonami Industry Co., Ltd.
KIKasse Initiatives
KIKlean Industries Inc (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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Referrals maybe for participants who have a known issue such lack of self-esteem, bereavement, anxiety, friendships, anger management or family difficulties.
"This is a known issue which our engineers are working to correct now.
HSE investigating inspector Claire Coleman said: "The risk of vulnerable people falling from windows is a well known issue in nursing homes.
The fact that the UK is experiencing an ageing population is a widely known issue.
There aren't any new features listed in the release notes (we're still waiting for Arena), but it does contain a number of fixes, and one known issue with Clubs.
THE fact that the UK is experiencing an ageing population is a widely known issue. Life expectancy is increasing and birth rates remain low.
<p>The SQL Server flaw may be a known issue that Microsoft acknowledged late last year.
Known issue about the gap on the exterior design which made the glass imbalance for the heat exchange.
However, all the major features of Android 9 Pie are said to be working for the Redmi Note 4 after flashing the ROM, but the developer says that there could be some yet to be discovered bugs and there is a known issue with hardware encryption.
Tortillas getting jammed was a known issue but there was no safe system in place for managing the problem.
The overflow was mainly caused by excessive levels of un-flushable material/rag blocking the pump, which was a known issue at the works.