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Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said the suspect, originally from Somalia, was known to police.
Well known to police, the 38-year-old was tracked down and found guilty of burglary and wasting police time.
According to Pishtakhara police officials, the victim was shot dead by unknown persons for the reasons yet not known to police. The body was recovered on Friday evening.
"I'd urge the driver to do the right thing and make himself known to police as soon as possible."
Chief Inspector Arthur Gomez, Albay police spokesperson, said the victims were known to police as former rebels.
OZ was said to be known to police but not wanted on terrorism offences.
According to German local media, the man, who has been detained, is a 21-year-old asylum-seeker and is 'known to police'.
But reports said the attacker, who suffered burns and was arrested, was a white man in his 60s who was known to police and had a history of mental illness.
A BTP spokesman said: "I would like to thank the media and the public for their assistance with this appeal, which led to the men making themselves known to police."
The man, who is known to police and had done time in jail in the past, was arrested at around 3.40am after he was spotted wandering suspiciously in Phaneromeni Avenue in Larnaca.
Yet the "head" shops that sell them are well known to police and trading standards officers.
But some offences are committed by people who are first or second time offenders who aren't previously known to police, including youngsters.