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KOGAKentucky Oil and Gas Association
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Koga found that people who had consumed ice cream for breakfast showed better reaction time and were able to process information better than those who did not have the ice cream.
protiv koga, protiv cega) javno se izjasniti / izjasnjavati protiv koga, protiv cega, usprotiviti se / protiviti se komu, cemu
Marius Patrick Koga of Sacramento, California, previously of Timisoara, Romania.
I think I have to take responsibility to make a final push" to regain public confidence in the LDP, Tanigaki told reporters after meeting with Koga.
The potential reserves of these rocks are only known from the Koga area and amounts to 6000 million tons [1].
TOKYO - Former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Makoto Koga stepped down Tuesday as chairman of the Japan War-Bereaved Association after heading it for a decade, to take responsibility over two quake-related deaths last year at a Tokyo facility run by the group, association sources said.
We've learned as reality that once an accident occurs, it could cause tremendous damage,'' Koga said of the worst nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl.
Koga then took off in the patrol car, according to the police.
I finished within the time range I had set for myself,'' the 23-year-old Koga said.
Unless we respect our peculiar spiritual culture and visit the shrine, we have neither sovereignty nor a nation,'' Koga said, adding that it is a shame that no incumbent member of the Cabinet joined them.
The Koga rickshaw was bright green with a matching roof made of bamboos.
As Koga (human genome research, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan) explains in his preface, reverse chemical genetics involves the identification of genes targeted by specific small molecules, which precedes analysis of phenotypic changes by molecules.